But, you can call me J. I'm a jane of all trades who thrives on learning and diving deep into creative endeavors. Getting my hands dirty is no problem for me because I believe in constant growth through taking risks and embracing mistakes. In the ever-changing world of Social Media, I'm here to tackle the evolving algorithms and do the work, without falling for gimmicky marketing trends. My focus is on sustainable, long-term growth backed by solid data.

After graduating from the University of Utah with my BA in Marketing and spending six years in corporate America as a marketer, I finally gave in to my feminine urge to create.

 It was time to prioritize what I love and leave behind what no longer fulfilled me. That's when I discovered the perfect union of my passions: social media management. I find immense joy in blending creativity with helping busy business owners.

When I'm not busy optimizing social media strategies, you can find me indulging in hot yoga, going for runs, or sipping on a glass of wine.


Hello, I'm

I'm learning how to build raving social platforms, how to cook, and film photography.

I'm loving playing with life, taking risks, mornings at hot yoga, and coffee shops. 

I'm saving busy business owners from burnout by helping them build intentional, sustainable, and consistent social media strategies. 

What i'm
and doing.

Let's connect: @theravesocial